Love & Hate Tag!


Hi everyone, hope you’re all well 🙂

So I’ve been very kindly tagged by the lovely A Beautiful whim to take part in this tag, feel free to click on her name and go check her blog out, You won’t regret it! As i mentioned in my previous blog which was the ‘I love summer’ tag i love doing these tags so was very chuffed when i was nominated to do this one. Anways enough with the rambling lets get to it shall we!?…

The rules: Share 10 things we LOVE and 10 things that we HATE, tag up to 10 bloggers to do the same! Easy peasy lemon squeezey 🙂

10 Things i love!

  1. Pugs
  2. My little boys smiley face
  3. Nandos
  4. Long hot bubble baths
  5. Supernatural (the TV show)
  6. Getting dolled up for a night out
  7. The sound of rain when your snuggled up in bed
  8. Shopping
  9. Wearing black clothes
  10. massages

10 Things i hate!

  1. Ignorance/bad manners
  2. Octopuses (all the tentacles *shivers*)
  3. people parking in parent toddler bays when they don’t have children
  4. When my size is out of stock
  5. messiness
  6. insects that can fly, especially wasps!
  7. Bullies
  8. the smell of mushrooms cooking
  9. When my partner sits in bed picking his arms
  10. Long queues (I’m a very impatient person)

I haven’t mentioned in my loves, family, friends and such but of course they are all top of the list guys!!

So thats all of my things that i Love and Hate, i now nominate the following lovely ladies:

Sorry If any Of you ladies have already done this tag 🙂

All of the lovely ladies I’ve mentioned in this blog post have amazing blogs! so I’ve left their links If you’re interested in checking out their sites then simply click on their name.

Cheerio, PrettyPinkPossum ❤

6 thoughts on “Love & Hate Tag!

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Brill post – we are virtually identical in our likes – I should just copy and paste haha!!!!! Thank you for tagging me, really looking forward to getting round to do this 😀 Have a great weekend huni XXXX

    Liked by 1 person

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